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My Karate, by Benji

I go to karate classes every week. I am a blue belt which means I'm on the 5th KYU. The belts go in this order: white, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, brown with a white stripe, brown with a black stripe and black.

There are 4 different classes. White belt to orange stripe go the first class. Orange belt to purple stripe go to the second class. Purple belt to brown belt with a black stripe go to the 3rd class. The 4th class is for black belts.

I like karate because it doesn't matter what size you are. You have to learn different moves on each grade.

These are the rules of my karate class:

  1. No doing karate on anyone outside Kicks karate class
  2. Listen to the Sensei (that's the teacher).
  3. Do your best.
  4. Have fun.

I look forward to karate because I like doing the moves and I get to see my friends.

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