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Book  review:  The Spooks  Apprentice
by Jad Stacey

*Turns on Lancashire accent*

In an unspecified county (probably somewhere near Lancashire) at a unspecified time (my best guess is the 1600s or the 1700s) menaced by witches, boggarts and ghosts (but mainly witches) an old man of an unspecified age (my best guess is that he is in his seventies) is the only one who can stand against them. But he's getting old and can't protect the Lancashire countryside for much longer so he sets out to recruit a boy called Tom to replace him. Of course it can't be any old boy called Tom as he has to be the seventh son of a seventh son and also be a character the reader can identify with.

While training to be the spooks apprentice  Tom meets Alice who is a witch in training. But not a witch, but a witch, but not a witch, but... you get the idea. Her excuse that she cannot be a witch is that she is too young. Then comes book four with a witch clan leader who is the same age. And speaking of witches Tom comes up against one in this book and it can't be a vegetarian, weak, nice witch he has to defeat, it has to be a powerful, evil witch. Who eats babies.

A lot of the later parts of the book are dedicated to finding out if Alice is good or evil, although you never find out. She is on the main character profiles at the beginning so I'm assuming she is good! You may have been thinking from this review that this is a bad book. Far from it! The writing is brilliant and the characters are well rounded, the end being particularly strong with paranoia and some mystery.

This is a brilliant book and a good start to the series, although having read the others, not the best. That's not saying its a bad book though.

*Turn off Lancashire accent*

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