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Blood City

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Our Favourite Films

Film Who likes it?
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Joseph
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Rehan
Toy Story 3 Hazel
Nightmare before Christmas Hazel
Little Mermaid 2 Hazel
Legend of the Guardians Ava
How to Train Your Dragon Ava
The Addams Family Tess
Scooby Doo Dylan
'Bollywood movie' Rehan
Kung Fu Panda 2 Kit and Torin
James Bond Matthew
James Bond - Moonraker Thomas
Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix Shakti
The Corpse Bride Shakti, Mai
The Nightmare Before Christmas Shakti
Coraline Shakti, Mai
The Little House on the Prairie Shakti
Star Wars Matthew and Thomas
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back Thomas
Pirates of the Caribbean Cleo
Toy Story - all 3 films Cleo
Nanny McPhee Mai
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (The Johnny Depp one) Yazz
Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tide) Leo and Torin
The Nightmare before Christmas Leo
The Eagle Leo

Our favourite TV Programmes

TV programmes Who likes it?
Black Books Leo
Merlin Leo and Jad
Doctor Who Jac, Stan, Torin, Alex and Leo
Horrible Histories Ava and Torin
Animal 24/7 Ava
Springwatch Stan
IT Crowd Leo
Father Ted Leo, Stan and Alex
Mona the Vampire Shakti
Mission 2110 Thomas
Bear Behaving Badly Matthew
The Simpsons Mai and Torin


We could also put film reviews on this page.


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